From the recording Controlled Burn

Song statements for Press Release:
“Controlled Burn” features similar samples used by the popular Hip-Hop group Wu-Tang Clan, giving homage to the group. The name is derived from an idea I had about setting a controlled burn to your past so that you hold on to the positive aspects of said past, but let go of all that was negative. I believe this mental action is a powerful tool to use in our hectic modern world! My past is riddled with addiction and my name, BellaBeats, comes from my dog, Bella. I received her at a treatment center during the dark days of my opioid addiction, and she is largely the reason I am alive today! She is featured in the cover art for this one as well! I want people to know that there is a reason behind my music, that you can overcome anything and break through to the other side. From hardship comes growth and my music is an expression of that growth! Thank you!