BellaBeats a.k.a. Drew Dugan

The story behind the music

Drew Dugan, aka, “BellaBeats” is a 28 year old male based out of the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado. The music of BellaBeats is wide-ranging, usually consisting of multiple genres across the EDM scene. From heavy Dubstep, to Lo-Fi, to Electro House, BellaBeats provides a welcome relief to an otherwise saturated market.


Drew Dugan has an intense story, which can be heard through his music as BellaBeats. He began playing the drums at age 3 and has played in numerous bands throughout his career. At some point, however, Drew began to party too much and eventually became addicted to drugs. For years, he was struggling to spur a career in music, but was held back by his addiction. This addiction likely lead to him acquiring cancer sometime around 2015 while he was in one of many rehabilitation centers. Long story short, Drew eventually made it out of these hard times through perseverance and a loving family.


Not long after his last rehab stint, Drew signed up for the Production & Engineering College KMGLife, Inc. as a final push to make his dreams a reality. He attended classes there while still living in a “half-way house” and truly excelled at his studies. He was quickly moved through the programs and hired as an Instructor at the school. Fast forward three years later, he is now the Chief Academic Officer and Program Director of the school. He has his own studio, which is housed at KMGLife Inc., and helps his students and clientele keep their music going. 


The name “BellaBeats” is derived from Drew’s dog, Bella. He got Bella at his first rehab sentence that he served in Arkansas in 2011 and she has been with him the entire time. He believes she is one of the main reasons that he is still alive to this day and therefore feels it is only right to call his current musical project by her name. 


Keep an eye out for BellaBeats to be playing shows near you, teaching and creating at KMGLife Inc., as well as producing music for his many production clients under his company Dugan Productions, LLC.