Live Stream w/ ADSR for Weekly Production Challenge!

Hey People!

I was asked to sit in as guest producer for ADSR's Weekly Live Stream! It begins TOMORROW (Wednesday, June 30th) at 8pm. You can access the stream on any of ADSR's Social accounts. Here's the link to their YouTube:

ADSR Stream w/ BellaBeats

ADSR is an amazing company that offers services similar to Splice, which I'm sure everyone here has heard of. They have a Sample Manager application that is NOT subscription-based like Splice, and offers "a near-unlimited library of sounds." For more info, go check out their website:

The topic for tomorrow's Live Stream is a fairly "Production Challenge," in which I am required to "make a track to the provided loop." This Stream occurs weekly, so I will be presenting a NEW challenge for the following week. You can enter your tracks in hopes of winning some awesome prizes straight from ADSR! 

I can't wait to hang out with the Beats Team and ADSR's squad and GO IN on this sample!

Comment below if you want me to use any specific techniques or plug-ins!

- Drew & Bella <3

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